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Welcome to RedHeifer Grill - Kosher Mehadrin

Kosher Restaurant in Cancun

Kosher Luxus - Gourmet Restaurant Mehadrin in Cancun is a subsidiary of Fly Luxus, "an innovative tourist and travel agency in existence for 10 years", with branches in Israel, USA, Argentina, Mexico and more. Kosher Luxus is committed to giving our clients the ultimate vacation experience — everything from the best priced airline tickets, vacation spots, Hotels, and everything that goes into assuring a successful vacation.


Kosher Luxus’s restaurant provided kosher meals in the popular Cancun tourist district which offers vacationers a vibrant night life, fresh air, numerous beaches and sea.

Kosher Luxus’s in Cancun was opened after we identified that our many clients who winter in Cancun and all year round require kosher and religious services. The restaurant offers a large variety of gourmet Mexican and international dishes with glatt kosher certification on weekdays. On Shabbat, the restaurant provides lavish, delectable Shabbat favorites and gourmet cuisine for all three meals. For the first time, our clients can enjoy culinary delicacies on Shabbat served in an elegant setting, with a simple reservation.

Kosher Luxus — for a perfect relaxing and comfortable vacation.